We invite you to take a look at our plans to raise funds to construct a new Church building located in Greenville, South Carolina. For full details on this once in a generation opportunity, please see this brochure. The excitement over this project is growing; to construct a traditional Orthodox Church building has long been a prayer of the friends and faithful of St. John of the Ladder. We have already made great strides in raising the capital to fund the building, and we continue with prayers and supplications that God would see fit to bring to completion that which He has started.
Please come back to this page regularly to check the progress of this holy effort! We will make regular updates on the amounts pledged to the capital campaign and on the amounts actually collected. And, once we start construction, we will post pictures as the work moves forward. Our prayer is that if you are inclined to do so you would support this project in some way. Perhaps even a one-time gift.