2nd Sunday of Lent

St. Gregory Palamas

Tone 2


Hebrews 1:10-2:3 (Epistle)
Mark 2:1-12 (Gospel)

Troparion (Tone 8)

O light of Orthodoxy, teacher of the Church, its confirmation,
O ideal of monks and invincible champion of theologians,
O wonderworking Gregory, glory of Thessalonica and preacher of grace,
always intercede before the Lord that our souls may be saved!

Kontakion (Tone 8)

Holy and divine instrument of wisdom, joyful trumpet of theology,
together we sing thy praises, O God-inspired Gregory.
Since thou now standest before the Original Mind, guide our minds to Him, O Father,
so that we may sing to thee: “Rejoice, O preacher of grace!”