Choir Info as we approach Holy Week and Pascha

Greetings, everyone!

We are writing to you on behalf of our choir as we approach the preparations for Holy Week and Pascha. As we are anxiously waiting for our new church to be built, it’s important for all of us to exercise patience on the days the church is especially crowded. We are very fortunate to have a large choir, but a large choir also takes up a lot of space. We respectfully ask that all non-singers refrain from standing or sitting in the pews surrounding the choir. While portions of this area may indeed be vacant for part of our services, it’s important to keep these areas open at all times for use by our choir members.

Movement within and near the choir, as well as conversation among those sitting behind the choir, has been distracting; this also holds true with some of our children. For those children who have been occasionally singing with us during Vespers or Liturgy, when they become tired and feel that they are not able to complete the service standing and singing with the choir, we are going to ask them to go back and stand with their parents for the remainder of the service.

Though we welcome any and all who are interested in being a part of the St. John of the Ladder Choir, it is important that as we get into Holy Week and Pascha, people who wish to sing should have been singing consistently with the choir and should have been rehearsing with us leading up to that time. We respectfully ask that during Holy Week and Pascha, if you have not been singing frequently with the choir, and have not attended our rehearsals, that you please do not join us for those services (this includes the children as well). If you have friends visiting from out of town during Pascha, who sing with their own parish choir and wish to sing with us, please have them contact Bill or Kevin.

Finally, and most importantly, for those of you who are indeed interested in becoming regular members of the choir, we strongly encourage you to see Bill or Kevin. All choir members are required to attend rehearsal on Sunday mornings at 8:55 in the church hall. 

We wish you all a continued prayerful and fruitful Lent, as we look forward with great anticipation to the beauty of Holy Week and Pascha! 

In Christ,

Bill Wamboldt & Kevin Ayesh