DOS Assembly 2016

Dear Friends and Faithful,

I received the following request from Fr. Peter Robichau. He is encouraging participation in the upcoming DOS Assembly in Wilmington, NC, July 26 - 29.  Please read below and consider whether you might attend and/or be able to assist. Please respond directly to Fr. Peter with any questions you may have .

I hope you can plan to attend.

In Christ,

Fr Marcus


Glory to Jesus Christ!

As we are well into the new year, I wanted to put the DOS Assembly on your radar. It will be hosted in Wilmington, NC this year, and I think that this will be the "youngest" and "smallest" host parish to date, though we are excited about offering hospitality to all who attend.

First, we are strongly encouraging laity and youth involvement in the assembly as a way to transition our focus at these events from clergy, delegates and business to being a time of fellowship and encouragement for all the faithful of the diocese (while the business still gets done). So, we anticipate that attendance might be higher this year than in previous years.

Second, our small mission will not be able to handle all of the logistics during the assembly, and this is where we could use the support of the clergy and laity of the deanery to help pull this off.

With this in mind, if you would please:

  1. Encourage your parishioners, especially families with youth, (from the ambo) to attend the assembly - book rooms, and plan to attend the festive events and youth activities (tell them to sight-see between the meals (3 of them) the services and the talks (Sr. Vassa Larin will be our speaker for the week!).
  2. Encourage your parishioners to volunteer to help - if they can come a day early to help with last minute logistics, great.  If they can be available to shuttle folks from the airport to the hotel, great. If they can stay an extra day to help with cleanup, wonderful.  If they are available, we'll figure out how to use them.
  3. Finally, there are things that can be done in the months and weeks leading up to the assembly that will help us out (design T-Shirts for the Youth, prepare "continental breakfast packages to leave in the hotel rooms for registered guests ... etc. etc.).  Again, let us know how you can help!

It would be a joy to see a large contingent of non-delegates and youth at the assembly this year, and I think that we (as the host deanery) should lead by example.

Thanks, in advance, for your service - we'll see you in a few weeks.

Sincerely in Christ,
Father Peter Robichau