Update for IOCC Relief Kit Drive

Thank you to all those who have already contributed to our drive for the International Orthodox Christian Charities. 

  • The following items have been collected for the Health Kits as of 12/2/15:
    • Hand towels: 10
    • Washcloths: 10
    • Combs: 56
    • Nail files/clippers: 26
    • Bars of soap: 30
    • Toothbrushes: 13 (remember, no toothpaste, please)
    • Band-aids (10 XL; 20 Regular)
  • Still needed: 
    • 1-gallon plastic bags with zipper closure

Please note that no items have been purchased for Baby Kits.

Remember that we will compile the items, assembly-line style on Dec. 13 following coffee hour, so please have your items in by or before that date.

If you would like to contribute financially so that we can purchase items directly, please see Fr. David on Sunday.

Many thanks, and God Bless!